Need a part-time job? This could be the opportunity you're looking for. The job might require to you be on your feet a lot, but maybe not. Either way, I would guess socks will not be involved in this modeling opportunity. If modeling is your "thing" this might be for you.

There are some requirements for this $15-per-hour gig. The agency expects well-kept, healthy feet, and good acting skills. (Wait, what?) Your application must include photos of your feet. (Weird, but makes sense.) The photos would be used for stock photography, ads/content for clients, social media promotion, and photo sales. Most photoshoots will take place outdoors but in the event of winter weather or "poop" weather conditions, some shoots will happen indoors in a studio.

The company out of Madison, Wisconsin says there are multiple shoots per week, mainly in the evening. There is a little flexibility for scheduling.

This is a great position for busy schedules or as a side job. Shoots take place mainly outdoors in summer at public gardens, natural and urban areas; as well as a limited amount of studio work. Shoots will be primarily indoors during winter and poor weather.

Anyone is welcome to apply to be a foot model as long as you meet the requirements listed above. And if you are successful in landing a job with this agency, please let us know what some of your shoots are like. You can find more about the job HERE.

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