We recently checked with Yelp to find out who has the best reviewed tacos in Rockford.

For those unfamiliar with the site, users can register for an account and then write reviews of restaurants, bars, nightlife hotspots and other places.

So, how about tacos for dinner tonight? Here are the top five highest rated restaurants featuring tacos in Rockford.



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    Mexico Clasico Restaurant

    3929 Broadway Ave.

    Yelp User Review: "The one food item that stands out here is the Pork Taco. It is quite simply the best thing on the menu."


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    Dos Reales

    5855 E. State St.

    Yelp User Review: "Great fish tacos and the guacamole is pretty much made in front of you and really good."

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    Los Portales

    805 E. State St.

    Yelp User Review: "Open late for after bar tacos. They are absolutely fantastic. Very authentic. You must try the pork tacos with cilantro and onion."

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    Taqueria San Jose

    3725 E. State St.

    Yelp User Review: "It has a nice atmosphere. The interior is done like a town square in a Mexican village. The ceiling is even painted to look like the sky."

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    Lucha Cantina

    1641 N. Alpine Road

    Yelp User Review: "The wahoo fish tacos are the best I've had outside of California... Easily the best Mexican food in the Rockford area."

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