Yesterday I shared with you the 5 things we shouldn't get Dad for Father's Day.

I found I was an offender of this list, as I have given my Dad "cool" t-shirts and ties for gifts.

Are you scratching your head like me about what to get Dad?

Have you though about making something?

In the 32 Homemade Father's Day Gifts I thought the family hand print plaque or the coasters made from your father's favorite soda were neat ideas.

Also making a gift basket for either his favorite snack foods, or to wash the car, or even for tools were great ideas as well.

Just take a few minutes to stop and think about what Dad really likes and go from there.

For my Dad it would either be a car washing basket, or a basket/ bucket with lawn and garden supplies, or maybe something with blank write-able CD's in it. As he likes to take his old records and put them onto CD's.