Can I get real with you for a second? My life has been insanely busy and stressful lately, and I just need to take a minute to catch my breath. I'm sure you've felt the same way recently too. I would love to be able to just hit the pause button and enjoy some relaxation time, but there's too much going on to even do that. So, although a bonafide vacation may not be workable at the moment, a quick day trip just might be.

A Search for Fun Day Trips in Illinois

Because I have been married for nearly 11 years now, I know that the best way to get my husband to agree to one of my plans is to bring it up armed with information. In this case, before I plea my case for a quick getaway, I need to give him examples of what I'm thinking. I know he'll say "we've got too much going on" if I suggest taking a long road trip, so instead I went on a search for quick, fun things we can do that are not too far from Rockford. What I found were 25 fantastic ideas at This article provided 25 ideas and the approximate drive time to get there from Chicago, but lucky for us Stateliners, the drive for us to most of them is even shorter.

So, let's go!

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