As we began to plan what to do for Father's Day we knew it needed to be all about dads and their awesome dad bods.

We knew we had to craft a prize that all dads would appreciate. So, we called Hairy Cow Brewing Co. in Byron and asked for a gift card, they obliged. We hit up Prairiefire Golf & Grill (also in Byron) and asked if they wanted in on the fun, and this awesome company, Manly Man, sent us a bouquet of beef jerky rose.


With all the prizes locked in, we asked you to send us your dad bod pics. We encouraged you to send in your dad's or husband's pics and then allowed dads to send in their own pics. The only rules were the man had to be a dad and they needed to be clothed. (Hey, it's 2021... you never know what might be sent from a phone.)

We received dozens and dozens of photos but, ultimately, there could only be one winner.

As a way of not showing favoritism, we left it up to the chief of our fun-and-games department to pic a winner at random. It couldn't have landed on a better photo. The first dad you will see is our contest winner.


His name is Sam S., a fantastic father of two. His downfall though, according to his wife Courtney, he repeatedly "forgets" to apply proper sunscreen. The redness you're about to see is painfully amazing.

Celebrate Father's Day With These 15 Submitted Pics of Illinois Dad Bods

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