If you're struggling to come up with a great gift idea for the Father in your life, this list covers it all.

I asked dads what they wanted for Father's Day on various social media sites and this is how they responded. While some of these are a long-shot, use this list as inspiration to make the right gift choice.

The 10 Things Rockford Dads Want Most for Father's Day
  1. Uninterrupted time with family.
  2. Teleportation device. For the business traveling dad.
  3. Golf passes, balls, new clubs.
  4. Grilled meat. Someone else to do the grilling.
  5. Fishing with kids.
  6. Lap dances & $1 bills
  7. Cigars & Favorite booze.
  8. Bacon.
  9. No gift required, just for the kids to remember without being reminded.
  10. A stack of lottery tickets

One dad had a suggestion that made many other dads say they felt like 'selfish buttheads.' He said he wanted world peace. I wish that was something we could go buy in a store. I think one way we can get there is to always treat others with love and respect no matter where they come from or what they do.

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