You never know what bizarre things you'll witness while you're sitting at a stoplight.

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You Never Know What You'll See While Driving Through Rockford

I'm not afraid to admit, that I've seen some pretty strange things while driving through Rockford. I'm sure you have to. For example, one time I was driving down Alpine Road and I saw a convertible on the back of a flatbed tow truck. I understand that isn't out of the ordinary. Here is what was weird. There were four people riding in the car with the top down and they were drinking beer. Now, I really wish I had a picture of that.

SUV on tow truck

Even Stranger Things Happen While Sitting At A Stoplight

I saw something even more unusual a couple of years ago while sitting at a stoplight. A guy was eating out of a bowl with a spoon. To this day I wonder what he was having. Was it cereal, soup, ice cream, or something else? He was acting like he was sitting at a kitchen table but instead, it was on the steering wheel. That took some serious driving skills.


Weird Things You Can Do At Stoplights In Illinois If You're Bored

People's attention spans are so bad they can't sit at a stoplight for a couple of minutes without getting anxious. It's funny because they get distracted and then miss it when the light finally turns green. Somebody has to honk for them to drive off. Most of the time they are on their phones. Of course, there are plenty of other activities that keep them busy while waiting for the traffic signal to change.


You're Never Going To Believe What I Witnessed At A Rockford Traffic Light

A couple of days ago I was heading down Highcrest to Spring Creek. As I approached the light, you're never going to believe what I saw.

Photo By Double T
Photo By Double T

It was a guy in a two-seat convertible with a kiddie pool sitting shotgun. It's been a hot summer so I can totally understand why he bought the pool to help stay cool. There has to be a much safer way to transport it. Maybe, he was just too excited to wait. Couldn't he have tied it down to the trunk or something? Just wait, that wasn't it.

Photo By Double T
Photo By Double T

He took a selfie of himself. I wish I was friends with him a social media to see his post. I'll give the driver credit, he's got a very strong selfie game.

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