A neighborhood in Rockford is fighting to get a stoplight at a deadly intersection.

Getting Through Rockford Traffic

I will be the first to admit I get frustrated navigating through Rockford traffic. In all reality, it is not that bad. Try going into Chicago. The amount of cars is ridiculous. You can not get anywhere fast.

There are some areas in the Forest City that are worse than others.

Driving Around Rockford East High School

My daughter went to East. We live a little too close for her to get bus service but the walk was kind of long. Until she got her license, we gave her rides to and from school.

It is a big place with many students, so getting in and out of there before and after school could get a little crazy.

The main problem is there are not many options. The school is in a square of Charles, Broadway, 24th, and 28th streets. If you have to go south on 24th and 28th, then East on Broadway that left turn is a tough one. Cars fly down Broadway.

I always thought there should be a stoplight at one of those intersections. Especially, with all of the students from East.

Intersection of 24th and Broadway in Rockford
Intersection of 24th and Broadway in Rockford

Deadly Accident In That Area

If you did not hear the sad news, a sixteen-year-old football player was killed on his way home from practice at the corner of 24th and Broadway.

According to mystateline.com,

"A teen is dead after a Thursday evening crash in Rockford. Police were called to Broadway near 24th St. around 5:30 p.m. Thursday."

Now, that Rockford neighborhood is fighting to make that intersection safer for drivers in that area.

Intersection of 24th & Broadway
Intersection of 24th & Broadway

Stoplight Petition Started For Deadly Intersection

A resident from that neighborhood started a petition to bring to the city about putting a stoplight in to help make that intersection a safer place to drive.

Please support by signing, HERE.

According to change.org,

"This accident could have been possibly prevented had there been stoplights somewhere on Broadway near 24th and 28th Streets."

The latest on the post is the Mayor of Rockford has submitted a request to the Traffic Engineer. Hopefully, something happens.

Intersection of 24th & Broadway
Intersection of 24th & Broadway

Community Supports Grieving Family

At this terrible time of loss for this family, the Rockford community has stepped up to help. A GoFundMe page was started to help cover funeral expenses. The goal was $10,000. The total is already over $16,000.

During this sad time in Rockford, please do what you can to help.

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