If you enjoy fresh corn and those super juicy tomatoes at the farmers markets and roadside stands, be prepared to be waiting longer for them appear this summer.

The wait for these veggies, according to this WIFR News report, is due to the cooler weather and all the rain our area's been experiencing. Those two elements are delaying the growth of these vegetables. Many plants went dormant when the cool weather hit during planting seasons and others are now almost drowning in all the rain we've recently received.

Not only are they getting water logged but many gardeners and farmers are seeing  a lot of "root diseases, leaf diseases, and fungus" that are spreading through out their crops due to the wet and damp weather.

With not a lot of heat and the damp wet weather the plants are just sitting there waiting to produce their garden goodness. "We should expect foods like tomatoes or sweet corn to be late coming to the markets, roadside stands and our your backyard garden this summer.


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