The last several days have been rather gloomy and sad in light of the Paris terrorist attacks. Watch how this little boy's conversation with his dad makes sense of it. Although it's in French with subtitles you will still get misty eyed over it.


Wow! Didn't that give you the goosebumps?

The heart and purity of a little boy trying to understand why bad men did these things and his father their to comfort him.

This video has literally blown up the internet through out France in how they should respond in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks.

We truly do live in a different world nowadays and evil is ripe for taking the carefree and innocence that we all grew up in. So how do we help our kids understand what is happening with out causing more fear.

Experts say, in this CBS News article, "it's important to talk about terrible events, keep up a healthy home routine, give extra hugs to little ones, and reach out to people in need or those touched by the attacks."

Dr. Karen Remley of the American Academy of Pediatrics CEO said, "As pediatricians, we know that violence can have lasting effects on children even if they are only learning about it through the media. The AAP urges everyone to take care with the images that children see and hear about."

Listen to your children and gauge where they are. You can correct any misinterpretations or wrong information they may have heard.

Also, the article suggests, "to focus on the people pulling together to help each other and more positive types of imagery, instead of all the negative and fearful images on the TV."

Basically, we need to maintain the normal routines like "bedtimes and school routines and after school chores. All those things are good for kids even during periods they are feeling upset and stressed. Even though awful things have happened, we can continue to engage in things that help us feel well and signal safety and normalcy."