You know when you watch a video on your phone or computer and when it's over and the screen goes black and you're literally staring at a reflection of yourself smiling because the video made you feel that good? That's what happens to me every time I watch a video of the Shedd Aquarium penguins taking a field trip.

Whether it's to another exhibit in the Shedd, or to a museum in Chicago, these videos shared by the Chicago aquarium have brought me so much joy this year.

So what was the latest field trip for the penguins? The got to explore the Shedd Aquarium's 4-D Theatre.

And according to the Shedd -

Lights, camera, penguins! Magellanic penguin chick Sir Elio along with adults Dolores and Sparrow explored Shedd Aquarium's 4-D Experience theater, hopping up the steps, waddling through the aisles and more. These penguin adventures are fun for us to see, but they are also beneficial to these curious birds, allowing them to explore new sights, smells and sounds.

I think penguins hopping up stairs is truly the cutest thing I've ever seen. They are so curious and adorable, they are the perfect escape from the reality that is 2020. I highly recommend following the Shedd on YouTube because on top of penguin field trips they share cool videos like this -

I can't wait to see where the penguins go next. Check out more penguin field trip videos here in the meantime.

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