Over a year after the first case of COVID-19 was detected in the United States, our region's restrictions are finally being lifted and updated. With Coronavirus restrictions being loosened and positivity rates dropping every day, Nicholas Conservatory is offering in person and virtual field trip options for school groups.

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Three experiences are being offered. Green Greenhouse teaches students how the Conservatory captures the sun and extends the life of their plants. Predatory plants shows off how carnivorous plants have adapted to eating insects, and A Plant’s Life explores how a plant uses its own body to continue growth and health.

One of the best parts of school is getting to go on fun field trips. And ever since COVID-19 has completely changed the way kids go to school, field trips were put on hold for a while. But now that local museums and other educational resources are opening up again, it's time to take advantage of all the fun they have to offer.

They're offering some in person options, but they're also offering some virtual fun as well for those who might not feel as comfortable going in person. Nicholas Conservatory's virtual programs range from a $25 fee for groups with an additional $1 per student, to $40 per group with an extra $5 per student with an activity kit included. In person visits are $8 per student, and $5 per chaperone.

So if you're looking for some fun to add to your everyday school life, be sure to take advantage of all the awesome local resources.

You can learn more about their field trip options here.


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