Who's ready to travel this summer and not spend a whole lot of money? There are several opportunities to enjoy the very best of Chicago for free this summer.

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We're all ready to travel and enjoy vacations this year, we're all ready for it. While vacations are fun, they can get pretty expensive, well some Chicago museums are stepping up to help families when visiting the city with free admission available for Illinois residents.

The very-popular Free Museum Days are back throughout the summer if you plan to take a trip to Chicago. You can save plenty of money just by showing a proof of address (and in Chicago, that's a major plus). I have been to all of these museums and they are well worth it for the entire family--fun AND educational. Here are the days to be aware of if you are looking for a weekend getaway with the family:

These are just a few of the many museum and entertainment possibilities to visit while in Chicago. For a full list of Chicago places to visit, check out Choose Chicago's website. Definitely not a bad way to spend a weekend or a few days if you can swing it. And in my opinion, this time of year is perfect to take a trip north and enjoy the Windy City.

Garth Woodside Mansion

Garth Woodside Mansion is rated by Trip Advisor as one of the best B & B's in Missouri. 

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