Wisconsin School Creates 2,300 Cereal Box Domino Chain For Charity
I remember doing some really cool things in elementary school to raise money for various charities.
I know the 2020-21 school year looks SO different. So it makes me really happy to know that kids are still doing fun things to raise money or gather donations for charity...
You Have to See This Throwback Video of Rockford in 1949
Sometimes you just need a heavy dose of nostalgia. It helps remind you of the good ole days.
I was scrolling on Facebook and saw a video posted to a Rockford Facebook Group. It wasn't just any video, it was the craziest throwback video of Rockford from 1949...
Drone Video of Chicago Christmas Lights is Truly Magical
Walking around Chicago in December really feels like you've been dropped right into a Hallmark Christmas movie. From the window displays, to the giant tree, the ice skating and the music in the streets, it's something special everyone should get to experience...

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