It's hard to think about now, because it's been in the 60s and 70s this week, but I want you to think back to December. It was on the 11th that we had close to 11 inches of snow fall in the Forest City; I know this because my boyfriend and I took a walk around Nicholas Conservatory that night.

It was beautiful. White, fluffy, powder blanketed the trees; creating a breathtaking glow from the green, red and blue Christmas lights, and snowflakes tickled our cheeks as we walked hand-in-hand around the pond. It doesn't get much more romantic than that.

Just ask anyone from Travel and Leisure; who named the Nicholas Conservatory the most romantic destination in Illinois.

The world's most influential travel brand says,

Couples who appreciate nature but don’t necessarily want to venture outside when it’s cold out can find romance in a greenhouse. The Nicholas Conservatory in Rockford, Illinois is a perfect indoor escape with butterflies, orchids and contemporary art installations. It’s even possible to rent the entire space out after hours for an intimate evening underneath glass atrium.

What an honor for the Nicholas Conservatory, thank you for being one of Rockford's many appreciated attractions; not just for Rockfordians, but for everyone.

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