Rockford will begin demolishing dilapidated properties to create more green space. How they will choose which properties to demo and how much it will cost tax payers?


Many Rockford residents are tired of the unsightly houses around the city, thankfully there will soon be less of them. The best part is it won't cost tax payers. According to WREX, the city recently received a $125,000 grant.



Which properties will be taken down? Here's what Kristin Crowley said.

Those include buildings that are unoccupied, are incomplete and are in need of maintenance and repairs.


The city says it will also target properties that negatively affect adjacent properties or are associated with crime.

Not to discredit the grant, but how far will $125,000 go?

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I'm not a demolition or financial expert but, after seeing this list of condemned properties in Rockford, it seems like most of these will remain standing. Hopefully the dollars are stretched as far as possible.