TikTok is full of "challenges" some are fun, some are dangerous, and some are stupid.

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One of the latest trends on good 'ole TikTok is the water bottle fan challenge.


For this challenge, you need two people, two blindfolds, a half-full water bottle, string, and a ceiling fan. The water bottle needs to be closed and tied to a fan blade, hanging about 3 feet.

The fan is turned on to its lowest setting and the goal is to not get hit by the water bottle. Remember, the participants are blindfolded using only their intuition (or Jedi power) to avoid getting clocked by the bottle as the fan blades circulate.

Here is one of my favorites.

Seems like a fun and innocent "challenge" doesn't it? It definitely can be fun to do with friends or family, especially if they are like the dad in the above TikTok.


Life is full of surprises, just ask these two Illinois teens. Here's a still frame of one of them taking a bottle to the head.

Submitted Photo
Submitted Photo

What you're about to see is indeed jaw-dropping. I should stress that neither girl, in Sugar Grove, Illinois, was injured. How? I have no idea.

How crazy is that? What if someone had been standing there minding their own business and, boom? Truth be told, I heard a parent wanted to get rid of that fan anyway.

This is the level of luck I feel like I have but never in my unlucky days has something like that happened. Yikes!

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