This restaurant sits on the corner of Whitman and Church, kinda looks like a haunted house and it's taken me this long to think there might be spirits of a different kind floating around.

Lucerne's Fondue and Spirits has been serving food and drinks for many years to many different Rockford residents, but did you know the place might be haunted?

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Stumbling on has me thinking it might be. They say, "The residence that houses the establishment dates back to 1895, and was formerly occupied by the Utter family, some of whom are rumored to have never left."

Some of the hauntings are mysterious phone calls and lights that turn on and off frequently.

WREX interviewed the owner of Lucerne's, Mark Tietz. earlier this year and he said "We really did it, in particular, to reference the extra non-paying renters as we call them. I think there are some spirits, some ghosts if you will."

Tietz also said, "We hear him going up the stairs, boom, boom, boom, like he's going up to feed his boss" when referring to the ghost of a servant who lived there long ago.

The stories don't end with the WREX interview either. Tietz told the Rockford Register Star about an incident that occurred when a spirit took over the sound system at a few years ago during Valentine's Day dinner. That's when everyone at dinner heard:

"Get out, get out now!"

Have you had a paranormal run-in while at Lucerne's you'd like to share? Tell us!

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