Oregon, Illinois known for the giant statue of Chief Blackhawk over looking the Rock River.

Will now be known for making the "Top 10" in businesses for this musical instrument. 


I should add, it's an instrument you honestly wouldn't think about being here.

According to WIXN this tiny little shop nestled in on Washington Street recently received the honors of making the top 10 list of businesses in America that sell ukuleles.

Wait a second run that by again. Did I just say ukuleles?

Yep Oregon, Illinois has a little store, Ukulele Station America, that specializes and sells ukuleles. In fact they landed at number five on the top 10 list.

I had no idea. Did you?

Of all the towns across the U.S. I would not of pictured Oregon as a ukulele hot spot.

Hmm, I wonder what other hidden gems Oregon has?





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