Today one of my besties, (who also likes to refer to herself as "our third co-host"), sent me a pic of something awesome she spotted in the Rockford area, and I am LOVING it.

Before I reveal the picture, I think we can all agree that seeing sign wars taking place between competing companies is becoming more common in this social media age. Personally, I prefer my sign wars to be witty and not political, but if you're not sure what I'm talking about, here are some examples...

The pictures above are just a few of the many funny ones you can find on a simple social media search, but now two Rockford-area businesses are getting in on the fun sign war challenge, and their efforts seem to be more permanent.

A Friendly, Rockford Business Sign War

Are you ready for it? Check out this sign war currently taking place at the corner of Forest Hills and Alpine in Loves Park, Illinois...

Provided Photo
Provided Photo

I'm not sure which part I like best, the "And our owner is better looking too" or the "Our roofs are better looking too"! Either way, I'm fully impressed by the creativity of this advertising campaign and am craving more in the future.

How Did This Roofing Rivalry Begin?

Full disclosure, a reliable source has told me that Warner Roofing & Restoration and Top Notch Roofing & Exterior s are in fact two different, competing companies, but the owners are good friends who don't shy away from some friendly competition, apparently. LOL!

Do you think the idea started over a couple of beers OR did someone lose a bet? We may never know, but I sure hope it happens again!

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