For the second time in a month, large equipment has been stolen off the lot of a Rockford area business, and now I'm wondering, does Rockford have a large equipment crime ring in the works?

Another Rockford Area Business Loses Thousands of Dollars to Thieves

Before I tell you about the theft that took place at NITE Equipment in Pecatonica this week, let's first refresh your memory about what happened at Meridian Implement in Rockford back in November...a tractor worth over $40,000 was stolen from their lot overnight leaving police scrambling to find the culprit...

As far as I can tell, the people responsible for that theft are still at large, so maybe they're back to their thieving ways a month later and chose NITE Equipment as their latest victim?

Obviously, the above statement is just me thinking out loud and these two thefts may not be connected at all,'s pretty coincidental don't you think?

NITE Equipment did post a comment on its post saying they had the suspects on camera, but figuring out who they are and how they pulled this off are just a few of the questions that still need to be answered. Obviously, 8 massive trailers don't just disappear into thin air, so if you see one in the area, please contact the Winnebago County Sheriff's Department immediately at (815) 319-6431.

One last word of warning...if you are in the market for a big trailer like this and stumble upon a crazy good deal for one soon, proceed with caution and definitely do some research on the person and/or business selling it. Just sayin'...

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