Pecatonica has joined the ranks of Illinois towns and cities that will host trick-or-treating on a day other than Halloween in 2023, and many residents are not pleased.

Halloween Favorites

I have loved Halloween ever since I was a young child.

Getting to flex some creative muscles when choosing a Halloween costume is something I have always gotten into, and as an adult, I love greeting trick-or-treaters at my home complete with costume, fog machine, and creepy music.

Little kids at a Halloween party

When it comes to Halloween, I have always been of the mind that the more celebrations you can pack into the month of October, the better, but how do I feel about trick-or-treating NOT happening on Halloween night?

Do You Think Trick-or-Treating Should Always Be on Halloween Night?

As a parent of young children, I dread when Halloween falls on a weeknight, and this year it's on a Tuesday.

I may not have to worry about rushing home from work at 5 p.m. to get my kids ready for trick-or-treating, but the struggle is real when it comes to getting them to bed that night AND back up for school in the morning. (and I feel really bad for the teachers who have to deal with all these cranky, going-through-sugar-withdrawals children)

For the most part, I have never been opposed to the idea of trick-or-treating happening on another night besides Halloween, but the decision just made by the village I live in did leave me with a few questions...

I have only lived in Pecatonica for just over 2 years, but I know trick-or-treating has always happened on Halloween night, (minus a few weather-related reschedules), so why change it?

Is it for kids' safety? I'm sure that plays a big part.

Is it to make life a little easier for working parents? Probably.

I may not be upset about Pecatonica's trick-or-treat change, but many of my fellow residents certainly are.

Pecatonica's Reaction to Trick-or-Treat Change

After seeing the Village of Pecatonica's announcement about the 2023 trick-or-treat change, I was honestly shocked to see so many extreme reactions. Here are just a few of them...

How did this decision come about? Halloween is Halloween.

Why change tradition?! And it won’t even be dark out! Most people decorate with lights and stuff to give the spooky Halloween effect‍♀️‍♀️ I know when I was a kid I was way more excited for the dark spooky walk through town to get my candy!

Not cool. Still a school/work night. Logic please?

Umm you can't just change Holidays??? I'm confused...Why???

Great, so all of the Rockford crowd can participate just like the year it snowed? Halloween is on Tuesday.

Not all reactions were negative though, which I was pleased to see...

Thank you for the Sunday trick or treat date! It's so hard to get parents home from work, eat dinner and then head out. Or sometimes other obligations are on Halloween. I know the village won't please everyone with this decision, but I appreciate it!

And a few have decided to ignore the change...

 I won't participate on Sunday,but I'll pass out my goodies on Tuesday!

Since I prefer to look at the bright side of any situation I will just say this; having your town/city/village etc. host trick-or-treating on a night other than Halloween just allows you additional chances to score more candy! Go out and have some trick-or-treating fun on multiple nights this year!

Now that I've got you thinking trick-or-treating, here's some costume inspiration for this year...

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