A neighborhood in Pecatonica, Illinois is often visited by a deer that loves to play with dogs, and there are videos to prove it!

My Neighborhood's "Pet" Deer

The neighborhood where I live in Pecatonica is often visited by one deer who is very chill and doesn't seem to be scared of anything.

Back in October we were at a neighbor's house for a bonfire, and the next morning they texted me this picture and said; "we woke up to the deer eating the graham crackers the kids dropped last night"...

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Just over a week ago I spotted the same deer in another neighbor's driveway as I pulled up to a stop sign. After I took this pic the deer spotted me and walked even closer to my car to say hello...

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Obviously I have no way to prove that these two pics are of the same deer, BUT in both instances the deer's behavior was the same...It was in no way threatened by human presence, in fact, it seemed to welcome it.

Just when I thought I knew everything I needed to know about our neighborhood pet, I see another neighbor post these videos in a Pecatonica Facebook group and now I'm really in love...

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Do Deer Normally Play With Dogs?

wild deer playing with dogs isn't something you see every day, so I did a little search to see if this is more normal than I thought it was.

I found several videos of deer playing with dogs in other states and places, but from what I gather, this is not "typical" deer behavior. In fact, deer usually view dogs as predators and may be aggressive towards them if they are protecting their young.

I guess my neighborhood's "pet" deer is pretty special after all. Now I need to think of a special name for it. Do you have any suggestions? Send me a message on the app!

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