Protecting our kids in school is a hot topic, regardless of what side of the gun issue you're on.

If this Illinois school district gets the green light it could become the first in our state to arm their teachers.

WGN reports that the Centrury School District 100 in Ullin, IL is considering arming some of their teachers to prevent school shootings.

The school district "already has metal detectors and security cameras, but some board members say all safety options should be on the table."

They are currently having their legal team "review state law to see if there’s a provision allowing teachers to carry weapons."

If the district gets approval they will be the first to have armed teachers in their school.

Wow! This is a huge step for the education system.

It's almost sad in a way that we have come to this point that we must consider having armed faculty in schools.

Honestly, if my children were in a school where faculty and staff were armed I wouldn't have a problem. At least I knew they were trained professionals to protect my child from a shooter.




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