Several Illinois schools, including those in Sycamore, have installed special emergency boxes to keep kids safe in case of a shooting.

It's unfortunate that our children live in a day and age that they must deal with or live with a fear of school shootings.

However, the state of Illinois is doing something about that to protect our kids in case that happens.

Over 20 schools, including the schools in Sycamore, have installed the Blue Point Alert System.(WGN)

They're special boxes that look much like a fire alarm that have a handle that you would pull down in the case of a school shooting. They're "designed to quickly notify police of an active shooter situation at a church or school."

Here's a look at how they work.


So far over 150 schools have installed this alert system. I hope the trend continues and it's made available for every school in the U.S.





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