Parents need to be aware that something nasty is lurking in many schools throughout Illinois.

One School Message You Never Want to See

Today I was traumatized by a message sent by my children's school, and nothing bad has even happened yet.

The message said;

We are becoming increasingly concerned over an outbreak of head lice that is spreading throughout the area. We are working dilligently to take precautionary/cleaning measures here at school, but we are asking for your help to try and curn any further spread.


Ok, you may think I am being overly dramatic, and that's totally fair, but I REALLY hate bugs and I've never had lice before. Just the thought of having to pick lice out of my children's hair literally makes me weak in the knees and I want to avoid it at all costs.

Is Lice a Big Problem During the Winter in Illinois?

Please excuse my ignorance, but I always thought lice was more of a Spring/Summer problem, but I was wrong. Yes, lice cases are more common during warmer months, but Lice Clinics of America says; "head lice can occur at any time, their prevalence may vary due to factors associated with different seasons".


Head lice become a major problem during the winter primarily due to kids sharing hats, scarves, and hair accessories, or coats hanging closely together, and contrary to popular belief, they can survive and thrive in cold temperatures.

Ways to Prevent Head Lice

We may all wish there was a magic pill to take that would prevent getting head lice, but since there is not we need to preach to our children the importance of keeping their hands and their hats to themselves.

Might want to go ahead and check their hair daily, plus throw all their coats, hats, scarves, and mittens in the wash and then the dryer on high heat...just in case.


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