A Genoa, IL teen who threatened to shoot up his school, could be facing prison time.

The Daily-Chronicle reports that 18 year old Regino Mercado threatened Kishwaukee Education Consortium's secretary that he was going to "get his goons and shoot up the school” on February 16th.

The DeKalb County "deputies were notified by school staff... and Mercado was arrested at his home without incident on a warrant with $15,000 bond attached."

On Thursday, February 22nd, Dekalb County Judge Phillip Montgomery ordered Regino to be released on bond.

During his bond hearing, the teen said that "he hasn’t been taking medication prescribed through treatment services he’s been attending as part of a juvenile court order."

Judge Montgomery "ordered that Mercado report to probation, take his medications, and that he not be allowed to have any weapons."

If convicted he could be facing "one to three years in prison, as well as a year of parole."

That's a serious offense for making a such a threat and the punishment, although seemingly harsh, shows the seriousness of what was said.

I understand that he's under medication and attends a school for at-risk youths, but regardless, making death threats is serious. It doesn't matter if someone is or isn't under the influence of medication.

I hope Regino gets the help he needs and understands the gravity of what he did.

In this day and age none of us can afford to not be careful when it comes to death threats, especially in light of the latest school shooting.







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