Bloody Gulch Road in Dixon
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Just off I-88 you will see a sign for Bloody Gulch Road in Dixon, IL. The road is haunted by a bloody past from a gruesome murder that happened there in 1885.

Dixon might seem like a quaint unassuming town that was home to our 40th President, Ronald Reagan, but it's bloody past is one that's still talked about today.

As the story goes a Bible salesman, Frank Theil, was found in shallow grave in a rain washed drainage ditch with his hand sticking out. Once uncovered, Theil's head had been bludgeoned and his throat cut. A French Canadian farm hand, named Joseph Mosse, was said to be the murderer and was convicted of the crime.

According to this article in from,there's been speculation if in fact Joseph Mosse, who barely spoke English, committed the murder. However, the evidence they found certainly pointed to him. Mosse had what appeared to be blood stains on his coat and he had Frank Theil's watch.

According to, on stormy nights a bloody hand is often seen sticking up out of the ground in the same area that the murder occurred.

Area Map of Bloody Gulch Road in Dixon

Yikes... That would scare the pee out of me seeing that.

If that murder and spooky haunting isn't enough for you, then check this out.

It's also been reported that there was an abandoned home on Bloody Gulch where a little girl had been murdered. Plus, a homeowner that lives along the road has said strange paranormal like activity has happened at his house as well.

Yeeks! That's too creepy. NOPE! You won't find me driving down that road anytime after dark, let alone in a thunderstorm.

Would you?



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