The service industry, primarily bars and restaurants, isn't all fun and games when it comes to working. I can attest to that firsthand having worked in both a bar and restaurant.


Bartending might be fun at times but I do not know how some do it on a daily or nightly basis, especially somewhere other than a dive bar.


Not all customers fall into a negative category but there are a few. These select few can spoil a moment or an entire shift depending on the circumstances.

What are the attributes of being a bad customer?

  • Snapping, waving, tapping your can or glass on the bar top, and yelling all in order to get a bartender's attention.
  • Being rude or talking down to staff or other customers.
  • Showing up already drunk.
  • Inappropriate conversations with the bartender, especially if they clearly don't want any of that.
  • Ordering a fancy drink at a dive bar.
  • Poorly tipping.

There's one more thing you need to know that is a frequent "complaint" that you may not be aware of.

Cocktails drinks on bar
Ivan Zivkovic

"You Underpoured My Drink!"

It never fails, on a busy night, you're probably going to hear this come out of someone's mouth. It may not be said directly to a bartender but the point being made is inevitable.

This next part might blow your mind, but it doesn't make you a bad customer.

creepy halloween party cocktails with blood, spiders and ice cubes

Do you know someone who has a "trick" to getting more bang for their buck? Do they think if they order a drink this way it'll guarantee they get more booze? They're likely wrong, especially when it comes to the size of the glass.

Here's what I mean.

Not you know, one ounce is one ounce, two ounces is two, etc.

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