Study Says Illinois Is The 5th Most Fun State In The Country
The definition of fun is different, depending on who you're talking to. For some, fun is lights, loud music, and partying. For others, it's a binge marathon of true crime/serial killer shows on Discovery Plus. For one of my neighbors, it's ordering kids, dogs, and leaves off of his la…
Byron Dive Bar to Reopen with New Name & New Look
It may look a little different at N. Union & Second Street in Byron, but change isn't always bad.
Back in early April, one of the most beloved dive bars outside of Rockford served its last round of beer and shots. Many longtime regulars of Century Tap celebrated its lengthy history and m…
Rockford Bar Closed Unexpecteddly
A sports bar in northwest Rockford has decided to toss in the towel after five years in business. The sports fans and beer drinkers that once called this place "theirs" will have to find a new place to make memories.
Don't Do This At A Bar
A group of people skipped out on a tab worth over $100 so the Wisconsin bar owners went to social media for help. Guess what happened...