If you love Halloween, corn mazes and all things scary then you need to take a walk through this haunted maze that's just 45 minutes south of Rockford.

By day the corn maze at Jonamac Orchard in Malta is an ordinary maze that's fun to wind you way through the stalks of corn. But tonight and every Friday and Saturday up until Halloween it changes from cute and fun to all things spooky, creepy and haunted.

The Haunted Corn Maze at Jonamac opens at dark until 10:30pm. Flashlights are not allowed when walking through the shadows of corn only pen lights or glow sticks can be you source of lights on the path through.

Will you be able to stand the suspense and not knowing when something creepy will jump at you, follow you and even chase you through the corn?

Does that sound like a fun way to spend a Friday or Saturday evening? Then you need to check this out. If you're 13 years old or older, then you can dare to walk the maze for the admission of $13.

To find out more visit www.jonamaorchard.com

Wooo... No, not for me I'm not a fan of having the begeezus scared out me.

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