After April 9th most of us here in Northern IL and Ogle County now know what an EF-4 tornado is.

Here's how the National Weather Service determines which of the six types of tornadoes touch down.




Wow! To think just a little over 2 months ago and EF-4 devastated this area and now just 2 days ago 2 tornadoes of EF-2 speeds raced across Lee County damaging the Woodhaven Lakes area of Sublette.

I never paid much attention to tornadoes or types before April 9th, now I'm all about watching the sky and listening to those alerts. Last night I was a bit on edge until the storms finally passed.  The blame lies in that awful EF-4 that missed my home and town by just a mere 2 miles.

If anything this video goes to prove you just don't mess with Mother nature. When those sirens go off or the radio and TV alerts blare to for you to get to safety, you best be to gettin'.


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