The Boy Scouts of America have been an established organization since 1910, but that name will change next February.

For over one hundred years the Boys Scouts of America have been, well, boys. Boys who learn all kinds of life skills, and similarly there has been another group for girls, the Girl Scouts.

But, things are changing and more girls are becoming part of the Boy Scouts organization and so the group has decided to make a huge change to include all of their members.

According to NBC 5 Chicago, as of next February, the Boys Scouts of America will officially be known as Scouts BSA.

This sounds like a good thing right?

Inclusion is great, but the Girls Scouts aren't too happy with the 'Scouts BSA' change, as they would prefer if girls and young women chose to continue to be Girl Scouts rather than Cub Scouts.

Do you think there should but just one Scouts organization?

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