We knew the Girl Scouts sold cookies, obviously... but did you know they sell candies and snacks, too? News to us.

Maybe it's not news to you, but I really had no idea that there was a long list of snacks and sweets offered by the Girl Scouts.

Perhaps it's the cookies fault for overshadowing the rest, but I'm telling you from personal experience... don't sleep on the caramel apple filled chocolates.

MJ joined me on Good Day Stateline last Sunday to taste test the new candies and snack mix and we were both blown away by the way the Girl Scouts managed to mix caramel apple flavors so perfectly inside the apple shaped chocolate.


These snacks are part of the Fall Product Program and are available starting on September 14.

It looks like you might need to find a local Girl Scout in order to get your hands on any of these goodies, but you can easily contact the Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois on their Facebook page.

Further investigation... it's a tough investigation, I know... brought me to this additional fall product offering, the 'Gameday Go-To,' which looks like something my dad would love to snack on while yelling at the Bears this season.

Will he be yelling good things or bad things? Only time will tell.

And in case you're wondering... there are 120 days until Girl Scout Cookie Season, they have a tracking option on their website. 

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