Consider me shook, stunned, and reevaluating everthing I thought I knew about Illinois.

Not that I'm complaining because the truth is, I'm actually a bigger fan of this Girl Scout Cookie flavor more than Thin Mints.

Fudge Covered Chocolate Cookies with Mint Flavor

I just thought my opinion was in the minority, if at times, the unpopular opinion when discussing the glory of this cookie.

Despite what I think and apparently the majority of Illinois, Thin Mints are still the most popular Girl Scout Cookie across 38 states in America, making them the undisputed Girl Scout Cookie champ according to Google Trends.

New Info Shows Major Differences In Wisconsin & Illinois Girl Scout Cookies
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However, there are 12 states that had different ideas, and 8 of them, including Illinois say Tagalongs are their favorite Girl Scout Cookie.


Like I said, I always felt alone when (and kind of embarrassed) to say how much I love Tagalong cookies.

Not like a good frozen Thin Mint isn't amazing, but Tagalongs are my favorite ever.

MarkCoffeyPhoto, Getty Images
MarkCoffeyPhoto, Getty Images

In case you're wondering, Wisconsin's fave was Thin Mints too, while Adventurefuls are the third most popular in America.

Girl Scouts of America
Girl Scouts of America

I'm almost certain I have never had an Adventureful in my life, so I can't speak on whether or not they deserve the third spot.

I guess you probably already knew that though. If I'm going in on Girl Scout Cookies, it's a Tagalong, that is unless you've got a frozen Thin Mint.

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