Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois are getting a little help from the food delivery service, and that has cookie fans rejoicing.

If you don't have friends with daughters who are Girl Scouts, or even a connection through a coworker, satisfying your Girl Scout Cookie needs can be a bit daunting. You now have the ultimate hook up, and they'll even bring the cookies to your door. You've got to love the times we're living in... Thin Mints delivered right to your front door.

Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois has partnered with Grubhub, through March 21st, to sell and deliver cookies. Because of the pandemic, sales 'door-to-door sales are way off their normal numbers, so online sales have been they way for Girls Scout to reach their cookie-selling goals.

In Rockford, the Grubhub cookie orders will be accepted on the weekends, through March 21.

It's really easy to order.

Go to to get your Girl Scout cookies delivered by Grubhub. Don't forget to tip your delivery person.

While we're on the subject of Girl Scout cookies, nothing goes better with a sleeve of Thin Mints, like some Dairyhaus ice cream from Rockton.

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