Even if it's so hot that your ice cream starts melting the moment you walk outside, no problem, you just eat your joyful scoops faster. Check these out.

The 10 Commandments of Dairyhaus

Cold and Sweet Ice Cream on a Hot Day

The best summertime ice cream trip was that hot day... 

I'm so here for any story that starts like that.

That hot day in junior high school when I licked a cone of orange sherbet for the very first time. Whoa!


When your mom took you to her favorite ice cream shop for the very first time and you had to have that ice cream that was the coolest shade of blue you'd ever seen. The first taste of blue moon ice cream.

Just look at this shade of blue. It's mesmerizing.


Those were just two of my favorite ice cream memories and I have many. Is that just me, or do you have several memories of fun ice cream trips, too?

97ZOK listeners told us their favorite ice cream spots and not one of them should be missed.

The Scoop in Winnebago | 101 S Benton St

OMG. That top one is made with fruit loops and I think the bottom one is skittles. If those are the OG lime skittles, I need to have one very soon!

Dairyhäus in Rockton | 113 E Main St

Three very popular Rockford area businesses, one incredibly delicious ice cream treat.

La Michoacaca in Rockford | 3840 Broadway

I couldn't begin to tell you what amazing flavors are in those cups, but I think that the snack in the middle is Flaming Hot Cheetos with nacho cheese.

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I mentioned earlier how much I love brightly-colored ice cream, take a look at these flavors.

Dari Ripple in Belvidere | 105 S State St

Where soft serve is king.

Almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

Cattle & Cream in Cherry Valley | 105 Cherry St

Of course, the place that is a combo butcher/ice cream shop would have a flavor named, Black Cow.

This was the first thing I ever had from Cattle & Cream and in the fall if they offer these again, YOU MUST GET ONE. The Apple Cider Donut Sundae.

Union Dairy in Freeport | 126 E Douglas St

While the ice cream treats and the diner food here are outstanding, the building is where all the charm is located.

Dairy Depot in Loves Park | 5413 N 2nd St

Such a great spot for soft serve, for you AND your dog.

This is the story of a little girl who loves cherries.

The 3rd Street Station in Pecatonica | 102 E 3rd St

Behold, the Peep Flurry.

Maybe talking about winter ice cream flavors will help you feel cooler on a hot day.

Benny’s Dariette in Rockford | 1402 Montague St

Benny's has a menu filled with great snacks and treats, but it's the granita that keeps them coming back.

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