As a mother of two daughters, seeing statistics that Illinois is ranked eighth in the nation for human trafficking, and the fact that Rockford comes in second in the state literally makes me sick. We can try to protect our children as fiercely as possible, but we also need to accept that we need help in this fight, and that is exactly what the Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois are trying to do.

This State Farm Neighborhood Assist grant that the Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois are trying to get would help them develop programming  "to assist older girls identify potential dangers while building on the basics of building friendships with younger girls. Girl Scouts tailor programs to meet the individual needs of girls which not only impacts academic engagement but also assists girls to avoid risky behaviors and teaches girls to be empowered leaders".

Currently the Girl Scouts are in 19th place, but they really need our votes to get the funding that would make sure no girl would be turned away from joining the Girl Scouts because they can't afford the membership fee. This grant would also help pay for professional consultants and trainers well versed in human trafficking to held develop successful programming.

This Friday, August 23, is the final day to vote for the Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois to receive a State Farm Neighborhood Assist grant. Please vote here now to help them, and the girls who need them, receive the vital program funding.

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