You may recognize the sweet face of this week's Pet of the Week from Winnebago County Animal Services, and there's a good reason why. Last week I told you about  7-year-old Wilfred and how he he was struggling dealing with life at a shelter. He is uneasy, scared,  and desperately wants to find his forever home.

In case you missed it last week, here's what Amber Pinnon, Adoption and Volunteer Program Coordinator for Winnebago County Animal Services had to say about Wilfred;

Wilfred, the 7-year-old, 71lb pup, knows his family is out there and just needs a little help finding them. This cuddly plus-size fella knows some basic commands but needs a little work on his leash skills. His hobbies include sunbathing, ball chasing, and spooning on the couch.


Wilfred's story got a lot of shares on Facebook last week, but sadly he is still waiting for his happily ever after at the shelter. To make his circumstances even sadder, Amber Pinnon told me at this moment he is the ONLY dog at the shelter available to adopt today. There are other dogs at the shelter available for pre-selection, but Wilfred is the only one that can go home with you TODAY.

Guys, Wilfred is a sweetheart who doesn't deserve to be waiting for OVER A MONTH to find a forever family. PLEASE fill out an adoption application here so you can bring Wilfred home today!

Need further proof that Wilfred is a great dog worthy of your love? Check this out...


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