Imagine going to bed and waking up the next morning and discovering that two of your car tires have been stolen, to make matters worse, the cops issue YOU a citation.

It happened to a Sycamore man early on Tuesday. Sycamore resident Matt Hart woke up to this situation and shared a video.

Hart went outside of his Sycamore home an discovered a warning citation placed on the windshield of his vehicle that was parked out in his driveway. The citation said that he was parked over the sidewalk and owned an 'inoperable vehicle'.

Upon further inspection, Hart discovered that two drivers side tires were stolen and called police. Matt tells more in the video below:


Sycamore's town slogan is  "Life Offers More In Sycamore", in this case life offers more "irony' in Sycamore.

Hart tells me that after calling the police on Tuesday, the warning citation was dismissed and he laughed (about the citation). He says that Sycamore police were actually quite helpful and thanks the police for their assistance.

Hart says:

Reality has started to set in that I'm going to be out $500 for deductible and that I won't be getting any productive work done is the worst part, I freaking hate wasted days, I'd sit on the couch eating bon bons if I knew I was going to be worthless today

Hopefully, Hart will get his wheels back. If you have information on who did this call the Sycamore Police at 815-895-2123.

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