Starbucks just announced the 'sippy cup' lids are now the standard on all iced drinks. How will you ever get used to all that ice flying into your face?

When I shared this news with the iced coffee drinkers around the office, the reaction was surprising. I wasn't expecting such low-key disappointment with Starbucks very earth-conscious announcement.

Before I make my colleagues feel like they've been tossed 'under the bus' let me explain something first. What they shared with me were 'First World Problems.'

"I hate the way my mouth feels drinking out of those lids."

"the opening is too big. Every time take a drink out of those lids, I get a small ice cube in my mouth."

"when I went to drink the last of my drink, the ice rush to the lid, it popped off and spilled all over my lap."

You see what I mean, now. Nobody was really upset. Let's be honest, recyclable, straw-less lids is a great idea and we should all be thankful that Starbucks, and other companies, are using less plastic.

Starbucks Committing to Sippy Cup Lids You Feel Bad for Hating

While reading Starbucks announcement at, I noticed something else that was uplifting. By 2030, Starbucks is committed to a 50 percent reduction in waste sent to landfills.

If you must have a straw, you can request one. Starbucks is beginning to test other options, like compostable straws.

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