The time has come to give the rescued sea otter, Pup 719, a real name.

The Shedd Aquarium will reveal the most voted for name this Friday when ahe makes her first public appearance!


The time has come to name Pup 719! Our Shedd members will be casting their vote to choose the winner and we'll reveal it...

Posted by Shedd Aquarium on Friday, March 11, 2016


According to their website: the front runner of names for Pup 719 are:

  • Gilly: For nearby Guillemot Island
  • Ellie: For Carmel, the beach where she was rescued
  • Cali: For California, where she was found
  • Poppy: For the California state flower
  • Reya: Derived from Monterey Bay

I'm disappointed that Carmel, short for Carmel Beach, wasn't a choice. I really liked that name. I even suggested it on their facebook page when the story about Pup 719 broke.

Since I'm not a member of the Shedd Aquarium I can't make my final vote, but if I were I'd pick Poppy first then my second choice from the list above would be Cali.

What would you pick?

To read more about Pup 719's journey to making her permanent home at the Shedd Aquarium click the button below.