Are you ready for the aww factor of the day?

The Shedd Aquarium has gained a new member as they took in this rescued sea otter pup. 


We'd like to introduce you to Pup 719, the newest member of our family! This sea otter pup was rescued by Monterey Bay...

Posted by Shedd Aquarium on Tuesday, February 16, 2016


See I told you it was an aww factor. Isn't she cute?

Right now she doesn't have a name. She's known as Pup 719.  I'm guessing she'll soon be named as the Shedd is now her permanent home. According to one trainer, in the Shedd Aquarium's blog post, she is a "spitfire". She's healthy and rambunctious.

I think a good name for her would be Carmel as she was found on Carmel Beach in California. Cali, short for California, would be my next choice. Time will tell what they decide to name her.

Pup 719 isn't available for public viewing as of yet as she's still receiving around the clock care from the" Shedd surrogate moms, a rotating team of six to eight animal care experts."

Stories like this and cute little critters always make me smile. I hope I brightened your day as well.

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