I have a feeling this whole situation started out as a dare/conversation between himself and a sibling.

I say this because the very same thing happened once in my home, only we didn't need to call the fire department for help. Thankfully.

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A boy in Waukesha, WI had to be rescued by the fire department for getting his head stuck in a cat scratching post.

Cynthia Olson via Catspotting Society Facebook

The boy's mother, Cynthia Olson, shared the story on the Facebook group Catspotting Society's page. She went on to say her son was fine, but due to her short stature, she was unable to perform the lifting, wiggling, and turning involved to get the child free.

Olson said the firefighters were able to have a laugh at the whole thing and were able to get him free.

Cynthia Olson via Catspotting Society Facebook

I'm sure they were laughing the whole time because I was when it happened to my youngest child. So that's how I'm able to guess this is how it went down.

One sibling dared the other to stick their head in the hole on the cat tower. They did and at first, they all had a good laugh about it. Then they couldn't get out and the panic starts to set in because A: they're stuck and B: the parents are going to have to get involved.

It wasn't until we were getting things set up with power tools that she was able to free herself from the tower. To me, it made the whole situation even funnier.

Glad everyone in this story is safe too and can laugh about it for years to come as we do!!

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