This has got to be the most humiliating moment for a security guard. A Wisconsin security guard handcuffed himself while on duty and ended up having to call the real police. This is all to the fault of being bored.

Blake David Taylor
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I would say a good amount of us have gotten bored at work. It happens I'm sure. Did your boss ever tell you if there's time to lean there's time to clean? Mine did and I probably didn't listen. A security guard in Wisconsin should have opted to clean instead of playing with his handcuffs.


The story takes place inside a Bed Bath & Beyond in Waukesha, Wisconsin. It was during the graveyard shift when a security guard had too much time on his hands. His joyful presumable "I can't believe I get paid for this." attitude was about to change.

"There's nothing I can do, my hands are tied."

A security guard was so bored he decided to handcuff himself. He found himself in a really tight spot when we realized he lefts the handcuff keys at home (again) and have to call the real police. And, yes... again. Maybe it's not crazy for this to happen once but it happened twice. C'mon man.

After the police arrived they expressed how he shouldn't let this happen a third time. In fact, according to the report, he told the officer he was going to put the handcuffs in his bag for the night so it wouldn't happen again.

Check out the full story.

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