I learned something new after posting this photo on Instagram and asking what this all about.

To avoid concerning emails and messages I am not mocking the person in this photo, I honestly had no idea what the sign meant. After asking about this about this on Facebook it's obvious I've been living under a rock.

I saw this guy at 20th Street and Sandy Hollow Road in the middle of the afternoon and couldn't figure out what his message was. Was the signed supposed to say morals? "Maybe he's trying to tell us behave", I thought to myself. As soon as I had a free moment I tossed the pic on Instagram looking for answers.

Here's how the responses went down.

Ok, apparently these are sacred mushrooms that are "delicious" and the guy is always selling morels at that spot every year.

I also brought this up to my wife and after asked where this rock is that I've been living under she told me about her coworker that goes hunting for morel mushrooms. Now I was perplexed, people actually seek out these mushrooms Yup, and there's even a Facebook group for Northern Illinois morel mushroom hunters.

So they aren't sold in stores and have to be picked a certain way at a specific time or they're no good. Sounds like to much work for me. I'll stick to not eating mushrooms, thanks.

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