We've all experienced (at one time or another) "the thing that wouldn't leave," but usually that means someone who hangs around long after the party is over.

In the case of Ankeny, Iowa's Dustin Skow, it wasn't someone hanging around the house refusing to move on--it was a crow on his windshield wiper.

Dustin just wanted an uneventful "going to get a cup of coffee" experience, but the crow with an outstanding grip had other ideas.

Like all safety-minded motorists, Dustin pulled out his phone while driving to record his encounter (I hope and pray that Dustin's real voice doesn't sound anything like this video):

If Dustin had taken a little extra time to get to know his carpooling passenger, it might have led to further bonding between the two. That could've led to a great friendship, which could have then led to this:

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