Lots of folks are planning road trips this summer for their vacations and half the fun of a road trip is the strange roadside attractions.

Growing up my family was very much like The Griswold's, we loaded up the family station wagon and headed on the road for a week or two. And being the devoted Packers fan my Dad was, we were up in Green Bay every summer for training camp.

I always knew we were close to home when we get the Bessie the Cow statute in Janesville.  So now as a Mom with a family of my own, I'm on the lookout for odd things to see while we're traveling.

Over at Ranker.com, they have the 18 Weirdest Monuments in the US That You Can Visit and the Land of Lincoln has not one but two stops on the list.

  1. Sh!t Fountain - This is number on the overall list and is located about an hour away in Chicago. Most would just post a sign in their neighborhood reminding dog owners to clean up after their pet, this guy had a bronze piece of poo erected instead.
  2. Worlds Largest Rocking Chair - In overall weirdness this one comes in at number 11. It's about 265 miles away in Casey which also seems to be a capital of sorts to large items. They are also home to the largest golf tee, knitting needle, and wind chime.
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See the Must-Drive Roads in Every State

See the Must-Drive Roads in Every State


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