With all the buzz about Wednesday night's weather people are wondering if a tornado physically touched down near Rockford. If it did, how powerful was it?

This afternoon National Weather Service has confirmed a tornado did touch down in Boone and McHenry counties. The report from NWS is as follows,

A line of severe thunderstorms moved across northern Illinois late in the evening of May 17th and overnight into May 18th. There were numerous reports of damaging winds occurring with these thunderstorms along with a few reports of hail up to the size of golf balls.


An EF-1 Tornado also occurred touching down approximately two miles south of Poplar Grove and dissipating approximately 3 miles northwest of Harvard.

As you will see in this photo, the tornado moved from south of Poplar Grove, through Capron, and passed Harvard.

May 17, 2017 Tornado
National Weather Service

If you are like me you do not own a weather radio and may sleep through warning sirens or don't have alerts set on your phone, you should probably fix that. It's too dangerous and risky to let happen again. If you're not interested in purchasing a weather radio and own a smart phone I would highly recommend checking your "Amber Alerts" and "Goverment Alerts" setting.

To do this on an iPhone simply open Settings, click Notifications, and scroll to the bottom and check to make sure they are set for 'on'. If they are and you aren't getting alerts turn the setting off and on again and make sure your location settings are on. It could end up saving your life.

For Android users or alert questions, click here.

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