While must of the Stateline is shopping for back to school supplies, the airlines already have moved past summer and are pricing for the holidays. Traveling over the Holidays? Now is the time to get the cheapest fares from Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, or even Rockford. Here's more. 


According to ABCNews, and Skyscanner, this week August 10, was the ideal time in 2014 to purchase holiday airfare. Those who did saved the most on airfare travel.

Through analysis of 2014 purchasing patterns, Skyscanner saw that Thanksgiving week tickets booked during this week in 2014 saved nearly 5.5 percent savings, while Christmas-time flights saw close to 19 percent savings, and New Year’s Eve air travel purchased during this week saw close to 15 percent in savings as compared to travelers who purchased airfare at the last minute.

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For those not ready to buy quite yet, there are other weeks that yield savings, though none quite as good as this week.

Thanksgiving: Booking the week of Sept. 14 could save an average of 4 percent, while booking just two weeks prior to Thanksgiving may save an average of 3.8 percent.

Christmas: Booking the weeks of Aug. 31 or Sept. 28 may save an average of 12.7 percent and 9 percent, respectively. Or book the week of Nov. 2 for a possible 4.8 percent savings.

New Year’s Eve: The weeks of Sept. 14 and 28 could save travelers an average of 8.5 percent, and booking the week of Dec. 14 can save an average of 6.3 percent.

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The phrase, "the early bird catches the work" applies this wee when it comes to airfare travel during the Holidays.